MOBOTIX Security cameras

While viewing the van in the street below with a MOBOTIX camera a dove flew past. We froze the recorded image and zoomed in on the dove to show you the quality of the images from a MOBOTIX camera.

Why choose a MOBOTIX Security Camera as opposed to a traditional analogue camera system?

The quality of the picture image!

If you cannot see what you are looking for then what is the point in having a camera?

MOBOTIX Security Cameras produce high quality Mega Pixel images with a range of camera models and features broad enough to meet most security requirements.

The MOBOTIX Security cameras provide high quality images to enable proper identification of what or who is in the image for security purposes. With MOBOTIX you fit the correct lens for the environment you are in. When you install cameras in a room there is always a blind spot unless you install 4 - 5 cameras.

With the MOBOTIX Security Cameras you can install a 360 degree lens and put in in the centre of the room.

That way you record everything at once. With the software that comes with the camera you can move around in the live or pre-recorded images and zoom in on what you want to see. While you are doing this the camera is still recording the 360 degrees, so you will not miss out on anything. There are several types of housings for the lenses. One of those is called a Halo housing. It looks like the halogen lights you see in homes and commercial buildings. When installed the camera blends into the architecture and most people would not know they are being monitored.

MOBOTIX Security Cameras can be used for number plate recognition during the day and at night when used in conjunction a special filter to remove the light from the head lights.

The image of the vehicle number plate is captured and saved on a secure website. From here reports are run to provide the time and date, the picture of the vehicle, driver and number plate, and a short video of the vehicle approaching or leaving. All sorts of filters can be applied to the reports showing times staff or contractors vehicles entered or left a site, reports comparing number plates with a black list or the NZ Police stolen vehicle list, traffic volumes etc. 

MOBOTIX Security cameras are so much more than just a box with a lens.

They are smart cameras that look great. They are a solid state, self-contained Linux computer. You will find links to Youtube videos on this page to help explain how MOBOTIX Security Cameras are so different to other Security Cameras.

Who and what is MOBOTIX?

How does a MOBOTIX 360 degree camera work?

The MOBOTIX S15 camera installed in various locations.

What do the experts say about MOBOTIX cameras?

MOBOTIX manufacture a range of Security Cameras. One of those is the S15 camera. There is a picture of it to the right.

The S15 can be configured as a single or dual lens sensor Camera. The S15 lens sensor modules are about 50mm in diameter. The S15 can have any combination of  lens sensors: a colour sensor for recording when there is good light or a black and white sensor if the light levels are low or the new 50K thermal sensor for recording in total blackness using heat. The lens sensors come in a variety of fixed sizes from 360 degree wide angle to telephoto. 

MOBOTIX Security Cameras

MOBOTIX has been producing Megapixel Security Cameras exclusively for many years and are now regarded as the global market leader for High-Resolution video systems.

All MOBOTIX Security Cameras are ruggedized to withstand temperatures from -30 degrees C to +60 degree C. All are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and are weather proof to at least IP65. MOBOTIX Security Cameras are powered from Power over Ethernet and have a vast array of add-on hardware components to meet various situations.

MOBOTIX Security Cameras are solid state.

There are no moving parts at all, yet due to the cleaver software that comes with the MOBOTIX Cameras you are able to zoom in and move around in live or pre-recorded images.

MOBOTIX Cameras are suitable for not just security but for many situations in industry and manufacturing.

The MOBOTIX Thermal sensors could be used to locate heat in manufacturing to show when a machine is getting hot or old. The thermal sensor could be used down a security fence to pickup movement up to 200 meters away.

The movement sensors could be used to "SEE" that a conveyer belt has stopped in a processing plant and send an alarm or press an emergency stop. The camera could be used to track movements within a warehouse or track the ambient temperature in a freezer. The MOBOTIX camera could be used to provide analytics in a shopping mall to show movement patens or in a shop to show customer movements as promotion displays are changed.

MOBOTIX cameras are solid state and certified shock proof (DIN EN 50155) for installation in all types of vehicles including  buses, trains, and boats. This brings increased security thanks to the Hi Resolution images and the built in audio.


For building sites the MOBOTIX Security Cameras can be programmed to provide a recording for Health and Safety. They can record movement for security after hours and send off an alarm as pre-programmed. They can supply a Web view of the construction site to access through the internet and at the same time provide a series of time slice images of the construction as it is being built to make into a video clip at the end of the construction project. Not only does the MOBOTIX Security Camera do all this it does it all at the same time.

Because of the rugged construction and solid state reliability MOBOTIX Security Cameras are ideal for critical infrastructure applications.

When each of the trigger points are reached within MOBOTIX cameras they can be programmed to open or close a relay, send an email, speak out a pre-recorded message or alarm through the built in speaker or provide reports of movement, ambient temperature or GPS locations in moving vehicles. They can do all these together if required. With MOBOTIX cameras we are only limited by creative imagination to provide the right solution. Call us today and see if we can help.

There are a range of mounts in a range of colours for the ceiling, wall or on the surface to blend in to the surrounding architecture.

MOBOTIX Camera mounts tend to be minimalistic so the camera becomes part of the surroundings. MOBOTIX Security Cameras are ideal for new builds because the Cameras can be hidden in the architecture. The wiring is simple with only a single Cat5 network cable required. Where cabling is not possible then wireless solutions can overcome this situation.

MOBOTIX Security Cameras

D-Tek can consult, supply, install and maintain MOBOTIX Security Cameras. D-Tek is NZ Government Security Registered and the engineers are all MOBOTIX trained and certified. For all your needs contact us today.

For further detailed information on MOBOTIX Security Cameras please visit their web site